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Saturday, June 2, 2018

"ACCURATE & QUICK STOCK TAKE" My Top Tips To Have A Smooth, Successful And Stress-Free Stock Take Ideas.

"ACCURATE & QUICK STOCK TAKE" My Top Tips To Have A Smooth, Successful And Stress-Free Stock Take Ideas.

எப்படிப்பட்ட நிறுவனமோ, தொழிற்சாலையோ அல்லது சரக்கு கிடங்கோ...எளிய முறையில், ஒரே நாளில் 5,00000 ஐந்து லட்சத்திற்கும் மேலான பொருட்களின், சரக்கிருப்பை கணக்கெடுக்க தேவையான உதவிக்குறிப்புகள், பயிற்சி மற்றும் ஆலோசனைக்கு அணுகுங்கள்..... 

Any kind of Company or Factory or Cargo Warehouse ... Simple methods of Quick Stock Taking, Nearly 5,00,000 or and more than a million items of spares or goods, Stock Taking on the same day, It's Tips, Training and Advice needed to take account of the Strings Quick Stock Count Methodology  ....Please Contract....

An accurate stock take helps you make informed decisions about managing your stores and business.

It allows your accountant to reconcile physical stock to the inventory records, highlight variances, and identify issues with stock management and control.

With accurate knowledge about stock movements and stock on hand, you can make informed decisions about theft, slow-moving items, damaged stock, technology obsolescence and warehouse processes.

Here are my top tips to have a smooth, successful and stress-free stock take.

1. Clearly identify what stock is owned by the business and where it is
Separate stock that’s been invoiced to a customer, but is still in the warehouse. Likewise, stock received but not yet recorded in the books should be distinguished.

Make sure stock held at different locations or on consignment basis is accounted for.

2. Make sure the stock room is clean and tidy and inventory items are clearly laid out
Attach labels to shelves to clearly identify different stock; eg categorise inventory and label inventory not to be counted etc.

If relevant, give stock counters clear guidance on the way they should count, eg start at the top shelf and work your way down, while working from left to right

3. Tools for the stock take

Stock sheets – Don’t include the current number of inventory on hand. If inventory is bar coded, make sure bar codes are written down clearly

Write-off sheets – Make sure you check the condition of the inventory as you count

Pens – Use different coloures. The audit trail can be easily followed if the first counter uses a blue pen, second counter uses a red pen, and the sheets are submitted to the stock take coordinator who uses a purple pen


Wooden Scale, Steel rule, Measuring tape & tools, weighing scale&tools. etc 

Hand held scanners – For bar-coded inventory

4. Discourage radios, mobile phones, iPods and idle chit chat
While it might seem mean, distractions can easily lead to errors.

5. Count every item of your inventory. Don’t estimate! Use Easy Count Methods.
It might seem tedious, especially if you think you have a good idea of quantities, but it’s much better to get a 100 percent accurate record the first time.

Don’t forget to open boxes – just because the carton says there are 24 items in the box doesn’t mean there actually are.

Easy Count Methods:- 

1.Make Big Bundling methods:- example if you have 100 pcs of Components make it each 20 pcs in a bundle, total 5 bundle (5x20pcs) counting is easy for 100 pcs. counting. (therefore 100 pcs counting time taking 100 seconds, in place 5 bundle counting time take only 5 seconds)

2. Use Measuring Tap Methods:- some of spares and components are in a big round role. each role containing 500 pcs of components. It is not possible to count each components in each role it will take more time. Therefore use 1 meter of length containing @25 pcs of spares/components. so how many meter length of reel/role contain the components multiple into @25pcs. (Example Total10 meter length = 10mtr x @25pcs = Total 250 components available on that reel/role).

3. Use Weighing Scale Methods:- Some of small items counting will take more time. (Example 1kg weighing =50pcs of components therefore total stock is 10kgs=500pcs. For accurate stock taking make it 1kg pockets of 50pcs x 10 pockets of 10KGS = 500Pcs)

4. Seal Box methods:- Same as Big Bundling methods but one box contain some more varieties of items inside the box.

5. Item-wise, category-wise, Division-wise in Single Location Methods:- Some Items users divisions wise stocking is better than single place Item Name Wise and Item Category-Wise stock keeping location gives you a time saving stock counting. (Example- A Plastic Washer using 5 division A to E. One location one place of all Plastic Washer cupboard contain 1st shelf is Division-A stock and 2nd Shelf is for Division-B Stock the same up to 5th shelf is for Division-E)

6. Check the physical count against accounting records. Recheck discrepancies
Make a note about variances and follow up where necessary.

 7. Update your records
Once the stock take has been finalized, update the inventory records in your accounting package.

A well-planned stock take will result in minimal disruption, accurate inventory records and provides a basis for making informed business decisions.

துல்லியமான சரக்கு கணெக்கெடுப்பு, உரிமையாளர்களுக்கும் மற்றும் உங்களின் பங்குதாரர் உங்கள் வியாபாரத்தை நிர்வகிப்பதில் தகவல் தெரிந்த முடிவுகளை எடுக்க உதவுகிறது.
• Stock taking of products, separated by location (stock room, sales floor, etc.)
• Cycle count of products, separated by location (stock room, sales floor, etc.)
• Receiving of goods, verification of received goods against shipment notices
• Create a new outgoing shipment to another location
• Program a RFID label by scanning a barcode, looking up a product in the product list or typing in the barcode
• Search for products and empty labels in your store
• Automatically synchronize product information (like GTIN, name, size, colour)

Stock taking is an important warehouse process for sustaining order in a warehouse. Most of the time, continuous stocktaking serves for finding discrepancy in the status of a given warehouse entry. Overall stocktaking is more complex. Companies frequently encounter time and personnel demands of stocktaking which takes place at least once a year. Storekeepers or other employees are required to possess knowledge of the stored entries and to adopt a systematic approach to the physical flow of control which is difficult to maintain.

Multiple counting of the inventory level or omission of a certain warehouse location lead to incorrect and distorted conclusions. To the error rate and time demands also add manual rewriting of results into an enterprise system or the organization of storekeepers itself.

How to change chaotic stocktaking into an amusing game?

The success is based on positional recording of goods in warehouse bins. The subsequent management of the course of stocktaking is ensured by the system through a bar code reader that leads the warehouse worker systematically and progressively to the required inventories being stock taken.

Practical and easily accessible helper is a system Instant warehouse, among whose features belongs transparent graphical display of real utilization of warehouse space on-line in real time. When stocktaking using a bar code reader, the need to print paper documents is eliminated. It is also possible to perform an operational stocktaking of a part of warehouse, certain goods or chosen bins practically anytime.

The warehouse system will eliminate manual rewriting and counting of goods, replace the required knowledge of goods and ensure automatic addition of the same goods, even if stored at different positions. The results of the stocktaking can be viewed continuously and transparently in a web browser of Instant warehouse.

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Tips on Performing an Initial Count of Your Entire Stock

Key Decisions to Make Before Conducting your Count
done Why are you counting your inventory?
done What are you going to count?
done Where are you going to count?
done When are you going to count?
done Who is going to be doing the counting?

We will take a deep idea on my next post, about the Tips on Performing an Initial Count of Your Entire Stock.

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