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Monday, June 10, 2019

Start Up Multi Modal Logistics Park Business:

Start Up Multi Modal Logistics Park Business:

Challenge and Opportunity to Start up Private Multi modal Logistics Parks Business in India : The challenge is How do We start a MMLP Business with "Reasonable Logistics funding" 

Logistics Business and Investments:- 
How to Invest in to Logistics Business, Logistics Hub, Logistics Yards, Were houses, Logistics related Real Estate, Logistics Institutions, Logistics Transportation and Distributions, Logistics Outsourcing Services, Promoters services, C&F Services, etc., 
(The Brief explanation available with a List of Business Products)

Logistics funding:-

Logistics Parks, and Warehousing Business Investment Opportunities in India as on June 2019. Invest in a Warehousing Business in India and 157 countries with profit margins up to 25%, The investment ranging Start from INR 7 lakhs up to 280 Crore. 

The start-ups playing in the digitally-driven logistics and supply chain space in India have attracted investments worth $1.89 billion, till date, in 2018, according to a data provided by start-up research platform Tracxn Labs. This is a major increase from the $77-million funding that the segment received in 2014, which was also the period that witnessed emergence of some currently popular logistics start-ups, such as Rivigo, XpressBees, and Swiggy, among others.

The Scope of this Business:-
It is very easy to enter in to Logistics Industry business, but the trick comes in sustaining the business. The forecasts indicate that the demand for Logistics business will grow in India and South East Asia Pacific Regions by between 300 to 350% over the next 15 to 20 years. According to the (CII) Confederation of Indian Industry survey indicate that 50% of more opportunity will increased the Logistic Business in India. 


The timing for achieving ROI on a Logistics Park investment should be relatively long.... While not the same for every Business, some can recognize ROI in just Six to Nine months. For others, the payback will be longer. But in most cases, 1st Phase operations that currently have a Start-up Warehouse business can likely recognize ROI in 12 to 18 months.

ROI Opportunities in this MMLP Business :- 
1. Warehouse Business:-
2. Logistics Project Contracts:-
3. Yard, Hub, Warehouse Logistics, (in SEZ, Outside Octroi Zone and Bonded Warehouse etc.,) for Steel & Cole
4. Mining and Metals Logistics (Earth Moving, Cement, Coal and Mining and Metals Products)
5. Container Logistics, (Container Size:-10F, 20F, 40F,45F, 53F…) Rent /Hiring Containers and Stuffing/De stuffing, Stacking with reliable container transportation (Road, Rail, Marine) Services for Import & Export Shipments.

6. Logistics Promoters and Rent/ Lease/ Service Provides solutions.
7. FTL/LTL/3PL Logistics Fleet Carriers, (For Our Direct Customers and All Other Couriers and Cargo Company’s)
8. Project Logistics,(Construct Project, Electrical Project, Power Project, Industrial Project, Installation and commission works contract etc.,)
9. Manufacturers Factory Logistics Services, (In bound and Out bound Logistics.)
10. Retails Logistics Services (FMCG / Healthcare /Consumer Durable, Consumer Electronics Etc) :- 
11. Cold Logistics Warehouse (Shipping Lines, Transporters, Container Company)
12. Reverse Logistics Setup for Repair Service and monitor the RL process in Consumer Returns, Product Recalls and Service Logistics.
13. Institutional Business solutions.:- In our Own or Lease to Other Institutions 

14. Logistics Associations, Logistics advisory committees,  Logistics Councils for Industry to gain ROI & More insights.
15. Value Added Services Income (Packaging, Labling, Forwarding Charges)

1 The Proposal  To Set up a Logistic Park at a Location Near to xxxxx
2 The Advantage of Location  # Total Land Area  xxxx Acres/Hectares
# At_______is Near to the International Container Transhipment Terminal
#Other Criteria for selection of the Land Locations are
1. Proximity to Railway Station
2. Proximity to International Airport
3. Proximity to NH Road
4. Proximity to City Center
3 Product/Service and Installed Area Capacity:- # Total Land Area  xxxx Acres/Hectares
# 30% of Land Area will be Utilized for Warehousing of General Goods.
# 20% of Land Area Will Be Utilized for Cold Storage 
# 10% will be Utilized for Institutional/Retailers Office Area
# Balance 40% will be Utilized for CFS
Capacity:- The CFS will have an installed Capacity to Handled 100 Container per Day, (3600/Per Month)
4 Current Market Status:- @The Port of xxxx is Leveraging its Strategic location at the GST Cross Road of Trade between 
North and South to establish the first ICTT of India
@The xxxx Terminal will meet the demand of a convenient pivotal point for consolidating and distributing National & Regional Cargo.
@This Project is located at  xxxx Port, Massive infrastructure required for smooth movement of Cargo in and out of the  ICTT is being estabilished 
@The Port Cargo and Container handling capacity depends on the space availability and the capacity of the Handling Equipment and he Projected Container Traffic at xxxxx port
@At present the xxxxx Port has been handling around 10 Million Metric Tons (MMT) per Year of Bulk Cargo. 
@During the past 2 year xxxx port has been handling more than 2 lakhs container every year in TEU Terms. @While there has been a study growth in the Container traffic, 
5 Plant and Machinery @The main Item required for Warehouse are the Forklift and Cold Storage Equipments.
@For CFS Facility The Container lifting Kalmar Equipment for Handling Containers are required 
6 Cost of Project:- @Land
@Site Development
@Misc. Fixed Assets
@Consultancy Fees
@Prel. & Preoperative Expenses
(Including Interest during Constructions)
@Contingency Expenses
@Margin money for Working Capital
7 Means of Finance (Capital) @Pramoters Contributions
@Term Loan
8 Profitability at Optimum level @Optimum Utilization ( % of Installed Capacity)
@Expected Sales Turnover
@Profit Before Interest, Depreciation and Tax
@Cash Profit (after Interest)
@Net Profit (PAT) Rs. In Lakhs
9 Financial Indices @Payback Period, Security margin, Break Even Point
10 Manpower @Manage & Supporting Staffs & Labours and Security
11 Raw Materials @Warehouse is Service Industries There is no Raw materials
12 Utilities (Power) @Electic Bill Expenses
13 Implementation period  @Implementation Period consider at 24months
14 Revenue (Billing) @CFS-Billing (For Stuffing & De-Stuffing)
@Billing for Container Hiring Charges+Warehoue Rent+Damarage 
@Billing for Handiling Charges (Per Metric Ton)
@Billing for Lease, Rent, Hire 
@Billings for Office& Parking Space, Equipments Charges, Etc., 
@Billing for Container Handling Lifting Kalmar Charges
@Billing for Freight & Transportation Charges
Value Added Services @Billing (Packaging, Labling, Forwarding Charges) 
@Other Misc. Billing Income (Integrated Solutions for all W/h, Customes, Terminal & Other Charges)
15 Expenditure @Insurance Expenses (0.25% of Fixed Assets)
@Direct Labour Expenses
@Power and Fuel Charges
@Staffs Salary Expenses
@Overheads (Amount @Fixed for Operations & @Administration Expenses)
@Repair and Maintance @Expenses (1.5% of Fixed Assets)